The New Fiat Panda – Everything You Need

Generation after generation, the Fiat Panda has proven itself to be the superlative example of what a modern city car should be. Fun, colourful, quirky and packed with all the innovations you need, no drive is ever dull in the Panda.

We’ve already tracked the evolution of the Fiat Panda throughout the years, but now, a new Panda is in town and it promises to add even more prestige to the Panda name. Introducing the new Fiat Panda.

What makes the new Panda so unquestionably amazing? The fact that there is a Panda for everyone, no matter who you are. For the driver searching for a good-looking car that will get them to where they need to be, when they need to be there, with very few frills, there is the Fiat Panda Easy, which features a stunning range of colours, your choice of upholsteries, as well as a leading infotainment system.

For the driver who enjoys the finer things in life; the driver who appreciates the little amenities that make every drive that much more enjoyable, there is the Fiat Panda Lounge.

Finally, for the driver who is everything we have mentioned above, with an added craving for off-road adventure – there is the Fiat Panda Cross, a mini-SUV that tackles all terrain in its path with impressive zest and style. It features: All-wheel Drive, Mud & Snow tyres, Raised suspension, Bumpers with built-in colour-coded skid plates, Drive Mode Selector plus an Optional Cross Plus Pack.

For everything you want and need, there is a Fiat Panda for you. For the Fiat you have always dreamed of driving, there is a Bidvest McCarthy Fiat dealership for you.

From the incredible Fiat Tipo, to the uber cool Fiat 500, as well as a host of quality Pre-Owned vehicles, Bidvest McCarthy Fiat has got all your vehicle needs covered.

Meet the Fiat Tipo S-Design

Fiat Tipo S-Design

The Fiat Tipo comes with the promise of a whole lot more car, for a whole lot less buck. It delivers on this promise, offering drivers an eye-catching design, exciting performance and innovative technology. It is a stylish car that is made for the people.

Can one ever have enough style? We’re Italian, so we definitely don’t think so, and that is evident in Fiat’s latest addition to the already impressive Fiat Tipo line – the Fiat Tipo S-Design.

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Meet the Fiat Fullback

Fiat’s first ever foray into the pickup truck market, the aptly named Fiat Fullback is everything you need and want from a bakkie – sturdy, reliable and performance-driven.

Named after the fullback playing positions in rugby and American football, the Fullback fits the bill for what the world expects from a modern 4X4; a stylish and bold design, the promise of a vehicle that can haul almost anything, and a superbly put together interior, sporting some of that vintage Italian Fiat flair that we have all come to love so much.

Fiat Fullback

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The Perfect Heritage Day Fiat 500

While Fiat has a magnificent heritage rooted in the style-filled city of Turin, Italy – where Fiat was first founded in 1899 – there is no denying that over the last 117 years, we have managed to build a loyal following worldwide.

Whether it is the United States of America, the United Kingdom or Brazil, we have integrated our Italian DNA into every culture of the countries in which our stunning vehicles are sold.

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The Evolution of the Fiat Panda

Anything that has to do with a Panda, is awesome. From the cuteness overload that comes when a panda bear sneezes, or one of 2016’s most popular songs, titled “Panda” by 19-year-old rapper Desiigner – Pandas are always awesome.

Another awesome panda is the Fiat Panda. It is a stunning city car, first introduced to the world in 1980, and it is better than it has ever been.

So, how good is the Fiat Panda? So good that former Top Gear presenter, James May, considers the Panda one of the most fun cars he has ever driven.

The Panda has kept its unique hatchback look since its 1980 debut, however, like most Fiat cars, it has gone through a stunning, subtle transformation over the years. Below, we document the evolution of the Fiat Panda.

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The Best Fiat Fit for You

A car is more than just transportation. Yes, we’re taking it there. To that place, where we try to make you appreciate how a car isn’t just a tool you use to get from point A to B.

Cars are amazing because, well, they actually do get us from point A to B in a convenient, quick manner – but they’re incredible for a number of other reasons, too.

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The Fiat 500 – Picture Perfect

There aren’t many cars that can lay claim to being the coolest and trendiest in the world, and have the proof back it up. It’s difficult to define cool, but in 2015, the editors at Kelley Blue Book’s were unanimous in naming the Fiat 500 the Coolest New Car.

Upon closer inspection, it is almost impossible to disagree with the editors. The Fiat 500 is a car with a cool, cheeky personality, an inherently Italian sophistication, and a dynamic mixture of charming retro styling while being boldly modern, at the same time.

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Meet Fiat’s Addition to the Sports Car Market

Finally, Fiat has made its highly-anticipated return to the sports car market!

After Fiat made a triumphant return to the city car market with the Fiat 500, many hoped that we would be able to repeat the feat, with our legendary sports car – the Fiat 124 Spider.

Well, the legend is definitely back, and it’s better than it has ever been!

The Fiat 124 Spider debuted in 1966, garnering instant praise from car critics around the world.

The Spider’s elegant body was built by Pininfarina, the same company that designed the original Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider. Its features included a twin-cam 4-cylinder motor, five-speed manual transmission, and four-wheel disc brakes. Unlike most sports cars of the era, the interior was surprisingly spacious, too.

Unfortunately, production of the Spider was discontinued in 1985. Thirty-one years later, the Fiat 124 Spider is back!

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10 Reasons to Love the Fiat 500X

Sometimes, bigger is just as good as its smaller counterpart. In the case of the Fiat 500X, this rings true.

Following the runaway success of the retro styled, made-for-the-city, Fiat 500 – Fiat brings you the stunning looks of the 500, stretched over the stylish body of a crossover vehicle – the Fiat 500X.

There are many reasons to love the new Fiat 500X. We could’ve listed 500 reasons, but that would just take too long, so we’ve just gone with 10.

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